Senior dating

Age should be no boundary to finding a companion. Here at Generations Dating we are committed to providing a professional dating service for senior singles. Whether you find yourself newly single after a divorce, bereavement or simply haven’t found that special person yet, we are here to help.

We understand that the prospect of joining an online dating site can be a bit daunting, even embarrassing but rest assured, you are not alone. Online dating is now the most common way people meet a romantic partner overtaking meeting through mutual friends and the workplace.

“Meeting a significant other online has replaced meeting through friends. People trust the new dating technology more and more, and the stigma of meeting online seems to have worn off.”

Source: Stanford

There is no reason anyone, whatever their age should not embrace modern technology to give finding love a little helping hand.

What is senior dating?

Senior dating is simply a term often used to describe online dating or matchmaking services aimed at mature singles. The definition of senior varies from site to site. Here at Generations Dating we accept members aged 40 plus but we have lots of members in their 50s and 60s and older. Its not really about how old you are, it’s about creating a dating experience where a more mature person feels comfortable and is not bombarded with unsuitable matches, messages from much younger members or confusing features.

What to expect from Senior Dating

You can expect to meet local seniors looking for romance, companionship and fun. Generally, members of a certain age are more interested in forming a lasting relationship rather than playing the field so you can expect to meet people serious about finding someone like you. Of course, you can expect a first-class online dating experience, secure communications, online support and lots of members registering every day as you should expect from any premium dating service.