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The key differences between dating in your twenties compared to dating in your fifties

You may be reading this having found yourself recently single after a lengthy relationship. You are probably worried that you have been out of the dating scene too long and finding a compatible partner at this later stage of life is just something that is unlikely to happen. Life has moved on, most of your friends are in relationships, married and settled down and you find yourself in the unfortunate position of trying to start again and find someone to settle down with once again.


Am I too old for Tinder?

You have probably seen it. It’s been happening for a few years now. Over coffee breaks, over drinks, you’ll see a huddle of 20-somethings frantically swiping their phone screens amidst quiet-but-excited whispers, or “Tindering”, as it has now come to be called. Dating apps have radically changed the way people think about romance, bringing the excitement and anticipation of finding “the one” to your fingertips.


Dating Profile for Women 101: Winning with Words

Are you using an online dating site but wondering why it isn’t working for you? Or are you contemplating signing up on one, but are pretty clueless about how to make a dating profile that people actually find interesting?


Learning to Flirt Again after a Divorce

It’s over, finally. The emotional stress, mountains of paperwork, and exhausting decisions, you now find yourself in a position you probably never expected to be in again when you said ‘I do’. You’re finally beginning to find your feet and pick yourself up. While you’re probably lucky enough to have people checking in on you, friends and family who are kind enough to give you the space and support you need, you’re increasingly troubled by how lonely you feel.


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