The key differences between dating in your twenties compared to dating in your fifties

You may be reading this having found yourself recently single after a lengthy relationship. You are probably worried that you have been out of the dating scene too long and finding a compatible partner at this later stage of life is just something that is unlikely to happen. Life has moved on, most of your friends are in relationships, married and settled down and you find yourself in the unfortunate position of trying to start again and find someone to settle down with once again.

Relax. At Generations Dating we are here to help. You will discover that as life has moved on and technology has changed the way many people connect but people don’t change. People still want to meet someone nice, someone who treats them well and that they can look forward to the future together with.

There are subtle differences between dating in your younger days and dating over 50. The main difference is simply how you meet potential partners. In your younger years, you probably had plenty of single friends, went out together and socialised regularly. This opens the doors to meeting plenty of new people and possibly making a romantic connection. More recently, we now have dating apps like Tinder which make finding a date even easier for the tech savvy generation. Now you are older, you would probably feel out of place on a dating app like Tinder. Singles over 50 are far more likely to meet older singles on a dedicated dating site like ours or through social clubs and common interests.

So, we know there are plenty of opportunities to find love again in your fifties, you just need to look in the right places. No for the exciting part. There are a huge number of positives when it comes to dating as you get older.

Under no pressure

Firstly, there are less pressures as you get older. You are likely to be financially independent. There is less pressure to get married and no worries about having children.

More self-assured and confident

As you mature, you are probably more confident in your own skin. You know what you want from your relationship and what you expect from your date. This makes things easy for you. Your identity is also more well defined at this age and you are more independent and can solve your problems on your own.

Older and wiser

You will have a wealth of experience under your belt. Some good, some bad but you will have gained valuable life lessons and learned from your past experiences, so you are more capable of spotting trouble and handling emotional issues. You know yourself well and can size up others well and hence this gives you a big advantage.

Sexually experienced

This is your time to shine! You are confident sexually and you will also be more liberated than when you were young. You probably know what you like and what it takes to please your partner. Sexual relationships as you get older tend to become more intimate moments than quick fumbles in the back of your Dad’s car.

There you have it. There is no reason you cannot find love again in your fifties. Dating should not be a traumatic experience and with a little help, dating in your fifties can be a lot of fun.

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