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Do you feel lost in the noise on traditional, large dating websites? Confusing websites or mobile apps or too many unsuitable matches?

We believe online dating should be an enjoyable experience, not a chore or something to fear. Many of you have probably tried online dating in the past and given up due to lack of suitable matches or confusing features and long, exhausting questionnaires. We want you to feel at home, enjoy your experience with us and most of all – find someone special. We want you to cancel your membership because you have met someone, not because your found the whole experience difficult or uncomfortable.

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Being a mature singleton has many benefits. The majority of singles over forty are looking for a serious relationship. They are less likely to be looking for a casual fling or the ‘play the field’ so you are less likely to encounter time wasters or members who are not looking for a meaningful relationship. As you get older you have probably gained lots of dating experience, some good some bad which you have learnt from. You are far more likely to have a good idea of the type of person you are looking for and can easily spot unsuitable partners. Lastly, you are more likely to have the time to date. Over forties have probably spent their younger years focussing on the careers and social circles and have more free time to now dedicate to spending time with loved ones and enjoying going on dates.

Generations Dating provides an exclusive online dating experience to singles aged 40 plus looking for a serious relationship or lasting friendship. If you are aged over 40 and looking for a serious relationship, a dating site dedicated to singles of similar ages is proven to be a more successful option than many larger, generic dating sites.

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As well as providing one of the most secure and advanced dating platforms out there the thing that makes us stand out from the crowd is our world class customer service and support and the fact that we exclusively cater for singles over 40 like you. Available 24 hours a day we pride ourselves on providing exceptional support and guidance making your online dating experience as stress-free as possible. Why not register for a free account and see for yourself why we believe we are one of the leading mature dating website in The UK.

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