Senior Dating Ireland

Meet mature singles with a dating site that connects you with local singles you will want to meet. Online dating is not a new thing, people have been meeting online since the establishment of the internet in the 90’s. Back then, online dating sites were no more than online message boards. Slow and hard to navigate, things have come a long way since then. Online dating is now the most common way for people to meet and form relationships. The trouble with many of these dating sites is they still cater for a broad demographic, choosing to allow anyone to join which often means that it’s hard to find people you actually want to meet especially if you are an older person. Confusing websites, complicated personality tests and swaths of young singletons whom you have to put yourself online with hoping someone will find you and make a connection.

Generations Dating is different. We only cater for older singles. Some call it senior dating but the reality is, we open our doors to singles from the age of forty, with many members being on the over 50 category, hardly senior. We prefer to call them wiser!

Meet mature Irish singles

Meeting people of a similar age, with hobbies or interests like yours is definitely easier when you register for a dating site that exclusively caters for your needs. We still have all the features the popular mainstream sites have like automated matching, member suggestions, location search, secure messaging and more but we have made it simple to get started and provide expert support should you need help along the way. Why not register for a free account to see exactly why we are such a popular choice in Ireland for dating sites over 50.

Safety concerns

The number one concern potential members have before joining a dating site is how safe is dating online. We have taken a number of steps to make your dating experience as safe and enjoyable as possible. Our whole site is secure, you can verify that by clicking the padlock icon next to the website address in your browser. This means that any personal information, passwords and messages are secure and encrypted. All communications are kept within our secure site with our built in messaging system. This means you do not need to give out any of your personally identifiable contact details to people you have only just met. We also never reveal you real name or exact location on the site. You will notice you can search for members by location and even see their location on an interactive map with the mobile app. This is designed to help you find the best possible matches near you, your exact location is never revealed.

Getting started

Registering for Generations Dating is quick and easy. Once you complete the quick registration form you will receive your unique login via email so make sure you register with a valid email address. Once you have registered you can start browsing members or fill in your own personal dating profile.

Once you have completed your profile you will find a number of suggested members each time you log in to Generations Dating. These are based on your profile preferences so make sure you tell us a bit about yourself and the type of person you are looking for.


When you find a member who you would like to get to know a bit better, you have various options when it comes to communications. The best way is to simply send them a message through out secure messaging system. For some the though of making the first move can be a bit daunting or you might not know what to say. Below you will find some helpful advice on sending your first message.

1. Keep it brief. A first message doesn’t need to include your life story, just a bit of information to catch the readers attention and to ask you more questions. This will keep the communications going.

2. Mention something you have in common. This will show the recipient you have taken time to read their profile and show them you have something in common. This could be that you both like going to the cinema or you both live in the same area or maybe that you both have dogs.

3. Avoid going into too much detail about past relationships or hurtful breakups. This can be off-putting for a first message. Its fine to say something like you are divorced or you have been single for the past year but avoid too much detail or talking specifically about a ex partner.

4. Keep it light-hearted. Avoid being too serious, this is a sure way to put someone off responding to your message.

5. If you are really shy or just don’t know what to say, you can always send a wink or icebreaker.

Let’s not waste any more time. Meet your match today with one of Ireland’s leading senior dating websites.